Our Office

Appointments - All appointments are scheduled through the receptionists. To reach the receptionist call 973-726-4455 during our business hours. We are closed daily for lunch between the hours of 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.

    Acute - If you are scheduling a same day acute appointment, we will make every effort to see your child on that day.

    Wellness - If you are scheduling a well visit, we attempt to book an appointment which is convenient for you, but within two to three weeks. We encourage you to book your child’s next well visit before leaving the office.

    Saturday Appointments - The office generally reserves our Saturday appointments for sick visits.  We do make exceptions for newborns who need to be seen.

    No Show Policy - If you discover you are unable to make an appointment, we ask that you please call our office a reasonable time before so we can offer your time to another family.  Repetitive no shows will be cause to ask your family to leave the practice.

    Late Policy - We try our best to run on time, but emergencies do arise and we try to keep patients informed when we are running behind. However, a primary reason we run behind schedule is when families arrive late for scheduled appointments.  We ask that you please make every effort to show on time for appointments.  If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we may ask you to wait until there is another opening or to reschedule.

Nurses Line - During our business hours, the nurses operate our nurses line.  As a parent you should use this line if you have a quick question regarding your child or if you are uncertain if you should bring your child into the office to be seen by one of the pediatricians.  The nurses answer these calls regularly throughout the day.

After hours Advice - After business hours, if you have a question regarding your sick child you should call the doctor’s line. The pediatricians check this line and will return phone calls within a few hours.  If you have an emergency question, such as whether or not to take your child to the emergency room, then you may page the doctor  on call on the paging system. When paging the doctor, please be sure to leave the correct phone number and to leave a message as well.

Hospital Affiliations - Newton Hospital and Morristown Hospital are the primary centers where we send our patients.  While the doctors have privileges at these hospitals, they do not round there on newborns or on in patients.  If you deliver at one of these hospitals or your child is admitted to one of these hospitals, the in house pediatricians (or “hospitalists”) will take care of your child.  However, be assured they are in communication with our practice regarding your child’s status. And if you ever have any question, you should please contact the office directly.

Paperwork - If your child needs paperwork completed (i.e. pre-school vaccination record) we ask that you bring it to a scheduled appointment. If we need to complete it separate from an appointment, we may charge a $5.00 paperwork fee